The Last Meal

Of black pepper and thyme,

A silence surrounds the meal,

A last before Mediterranean collapses

And my soul crumbles

The marmalade scorches

My gaping wounds

The papery skin faint

With pungent undertones

The balsamic vinegar chills

Every drop a blade

Burying me black and blue

To never be found again


The Scarlet Sin: A poem inspired by The Scarlet Letter


“Flames of desire,make a passionate fire

Which blinds the beholder,to the doom of october

In the midst of all the blues,which shine in gloomy hues

Was  born a flower of kindred red,hither and thither the rain fled

The sun escaped’and the clouds were dismayed

The grass weeped,merging with the tears of weeds

The trees bent their heads,and sheets of ice the revolution led

The land was shaken to its core,and the rabbits hid in their holes

The light ascended,and the darkness descended

For to the angel of purity,was born a child of sinful beauty

and all the while as the landscape ran wild

the said mother,was contemplating the hiding of her lover

The babe in her lap gave a shriek, and the mother looking at her could only think

a long way I have come 

and with a long slash my heart burns,

the red of the sunset

is not what made my heart bleed 

but it was my lover’s fear of ignominy

whose eyes shone and lips trembled with cowardice

yet he remains sacred in my heart

him being my clergyman and me his sin 

whom he loved and for whom, everyday he weeps'”

The Symbols Of life


As humans we attach intense emotions and strong meanings to different symbols in life which might have just prevailed as a simple lifeless object. It is our this ability to give meaning to simple things in our daily walk of life that define us and shape our experiences. We all write our own story of life but depict it in several different ways. For some it was that painting which they made when they saw the sunrise for the first time, for others it might be that one song which keeps recurring in their minds or maybe that one sentence which someone said which lights up their face every time they think of it. For me, it is books. Regardless of what kind of a book it is, I easily attach meaning to every book I read. Like the book I recently finished reading , The Scarlet Letter, I remember the day I fell in love with the text. It was raining and I was gloomy because of the weather outside and I opened the cover of the book and read the first line ‘A throng of bearded men, in sad-coloured garments and gray, steeple-crowned hats’ and just like that I was in love. But the most memorable line for me was the ending

On a field, sable the letter A gules..’ An ending of a book for me though always puts me in a blissful trance also saddens me. It feels like I am bidding adieu to a close confidant whom I had completely to myself but it is inevitable. Like the ending of a human life is meant to be so is the ending of a book. Sometimes, one gets so attached to these symbols that in their absence s/he fails to see the bigger picture of life but it is important to understand that these symbols in your life are ones which although you mould into being do not die with you, they live with you forever more and forever more….

Farewell To Dark Days: A tribute to Ernest Hemingway


One of the greatest literary minds to ever walk this earth. His books enlisted a new beginning for literature in the dark days of World War..

One of the greatest literary minds to ever walk this earth. His books enlisted a new beginning for literature in the dark days of World War..

There are some places in this world where angels fear to tread

there my heart lingers on a black mantelpiece,

the clock strikes and reason loses its voice;

Somewhere when the hounds bark the evil forces mobilise, 

preparing for a battle that will be remembered till the end of its days,

forever on this earth, its oath the spirits of Pearl Harbour will say,

it is there, in that moment, that a new beacon will be born,

and the farewell to arms will be sworn;

His literary pursuits will separate the needle from hay,

and forever shall he be known as the Great Literary Master, Ernest Hemingway

Life And Other Stories

After sifting through different social circles in my life, I found it necessary to establish that it is not your luck or fate or even destiny that controls your life. I do believe that every action which we do is written somewhere but however I do not conform with the fact that it is permanent. We make our own decisions and enjoy their favourable consequences. Then if the consequences are unfavourable we reprimand our destiny or god or fate. If we don’t give them credit for all the favourable things that have happened to us then why should we shift the blame of our actions to these other non-respondent agencies. Now, something I probably should have conveyed prior to starting this article, this is not a short story and certainly not a series of them.

The reason for the impeccable title is that life is a story. Whether we realise it or not, we all have a story to tell. We all depict them in different manner. Some paint them or some like me find expression in words. But we all send our stories out into the universe.

Yes life is a struggle, it is a constant fight to stay above water to catch vestiges of air. But it is very human of us to forget those times of bliss and happiness, those times we found pleasure in different things life offered us. Even if it is a small moment with someone you love deeply or that time you created or did something which even though a small achievement, like your very first footsteps, made the people around you proud, we as humans have the ability to find innumerable pleasure in them.

Now, as far as other stories are concerned, it is the story of those around us and how they have an impact on us. Like your best friend’s first heartbreak or his/ her first valentine, we derive happiness and bliss from the happiness of others and therefore the people around us are living their own stories side by side. It is like a criss-cross pattern being weaved in the fabric of our reality.

In the end, a picture can say a million words, so here you go:


Angel Of Retribution


Eyes full of malice, screaming she holds a bloody chalice;

her hair full of snakes, and tongue burning with fire;

to live with dignity was her only desire;

but the demon hath no care, and respect for her he had scarce;

maybe she was just another one to him, whom he stripped and scarred to peril;

but to her family she was the light, tortured are they that she is no more in sight;

he quenched his abominable thirst, but at the price of her life;

now he will know, how distorted a seed he was that was sown;

driven by fury and reeking of vengeance;

she is immortal and has returned, to take what is rightfully hers;

the world will applaud, at the demon’s death so rightfully brought;

and only then will she embrace paradise,

when the Earth is cured of all those who represent such demise.”

An allegory of women power which will take revenge on all those who indulge in such heinous crimes….

“Dedicated to Nirbhaya..”

Of Life And Us


Life is like that river which is never still, it is that empty vessel which you can never fill;

it is that song which always lacks the perfect lyrics and that novel with missing pages;

but all along I was that peddler, who never got tired of thinking of the miles ahead to go;

because all I had was me, myself and my will;

Life is like that journey which never ends, that soul which never transcends;

it is that game which always makes you look behind;

but is also that success which makes you look ahead, that light which makes you smile;

because sometimes all I have is me, myself and my pride;

But no matter if you win or get checkmate, it is that games which you can always start again;

it is that chess board, which never gets old;

all we need to survive is courage, strength and someone to call our own;

But as one day ends, and the sun descends;

yet another day has gone by and another is left to survive,

but always there is us, ourselves and our life…